Digital Marketing

Engaging social media & influencer marketing to improve brand awareness and increase sales.

Winter day 1-68

For Tantastic we launched a strategic social media marketing campaign for the launch of their rebranded tanning tange. The target audience was young women aged 17-24 who live busy, spontaneous, fun-loving lifestyles. Our aim was to help raise awareness of the brand across the island of Ireland digitally, drive engagement with the target audience on social media and grow their social media channels.

Strategy & Tactics
We undertook a four-month coherent social media and influencer marketing campaign. We created big, bold, visual content that encapsulated the brand and effectively expressed their position in the market. We ensured that competitions and influencer contributions would effortlessly flow into the newsfeed.

This tailored content is now synonymous with the brand’s image and has created an emotive response with Tantastic’s target audience.

Delivering on our Word

Growth on Instagram

243 %

Engagements across all channels


Growth in Facebook

62 %

Reach across all channels

2.2 Million