Santa Rita
Digital Marketing

Social media marketing to drive brand awareness and increase sales in the on and off trade Irish market.

Cozy Spring


Santa Rita 120 is the leading wine in its category in Ireland. Partnering with Gilbey’s Wines and Spirits, The Tomorrow Lab supported Santa Rita’s brand and commercial objectives through digital strategy, delivering optimised social media marketing campaigns through Facebook and Instagram.

Strategy and Tactics

Santa Rita’s brand positioning falls under the #LivingLaVida120 campaign. The campaign invites consumers to enjoy Santa Rita 120 in a simple and genuine manner, connecting with the lifestyle of target consumers.

Considering the target customers in key distribution areas was of specific importance when creating content and developing social media advertising audiences.

Digital design, photography, video content, strategic influencer marketing collaborations and curated copywriting brought the brand to life for consumers on Facebook and Instagram.

Campaigns were also developed to support event and sponsorship affiliations, including Bloom in the Park, the Arsenal Experience event in London and Arsenal Legends event in Dublin.

Delivering on our Word

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