Boost Energy
Digital Marketing

Support sales volume growth for Boost Energy Drinks through increased brand awareness and affiliation in Ireland.

Can of Boost
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Our challenge was to develop a localised social media campaign that raised brand awareness and affiliation for Boost in Ireland amongst qualified target audiences that were likely to engage with the brand and purchase.


Strategy and Tactics

Extensive competitor and digital audience research was undertaken prior to developing content to determine what the target audience would be interested in and engage with.

Digital advertising was key to reaching a defined target audience in key regions in Ireland for the brand. Interest targeting was determined by Facebook audience research. Various audiences, copy and creatives were A/B tested to optimise our strategy throughout the campaign. Remarketing was key to increasing engagement rates and keeping Boost ‘top of mind’ when audiences were making their purchasing decisions.

Delivering on our Word

Sales Growth

10 %


34 K


450 K

Community Growth

48 %