Dona Paula #AMatterofAltitude
Digital Marketing

Developing and executing localised influencer marketing with experience led, social media marketing strategy.



We partnered with the Argentina based Doña Paula wine’s marketing team to develop and execute a localised influencer marketing, experience led, social media strategy, to support their commercial objectives of increasing brand awareness, engaging consumers and increasing sales volumes in Ireland.

Strategy and Tactics

The brand proposition of Doña Paula wines is inspired by the high-altitude vineyards in Mendoza from which the wine is made, informing the development of the #AMatterofAltitude brand communications platform.

To position the brand proposition locally in Ireland, we developed this localised social media marketing campaign to make unique connections to the brand, which included collaborating with ‘Galz Gone Wild’, a community focused on connecting more women to nature and the outdoors.

Overall, it involved activating awareness, reach and engagement campaigns, and targeting key consumer groups in regions of Ireland where Doña Paula is distributed.

Delivering on our Word


542 K

Community Growth

112 %


22 K

Sales Volume Increase

10 %