Boost Energy
Digital Marketing

Developing a localised social media campaign that raised brand awareness for Boost with target audiences in Ireland.

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Boost Energy Drinks had established a large following in the UK but had not had the same success in Ireland. Our challenge was to create social media content within the Boost brand guidelines but localise it to resonate with an Irish audience and in turn increase sales.

Strategy and Tactics

The brand proposition for Boost is different to many energy drinks it shares the market with as the focus is on being an ‘everyday drink’ for the Gen Z audience. Extensive competitor research and digital audience research was undertaken prior to developing content to determine what the target audience would be interested in and engage with. At an early stage we recognised that although content would need to be planned and approved every quarter, there had to be considerable time left for reactive posts to make the Boost brand seem on the pulse of news and events and worth following.

Our digital advertising strategy was key in this campaign at reaching a very defined Gen Z target audience based on university areas and key distribution areas. Interest targeting was determined by Facebook audience research, revealing that the target audience would be interested in things like; gaming, fast food and nightclubs. Various audiences, copy and creatives were A/B tested to help us optimise our strategy throughout. We were then able to retarget to those who had previously engaged with content later on in the campaign, increasing engagement rates and keeping Boost top of mind when making their decision of which drink to buy. Lookalike audiences were also created to help us extend our reach with qualified audiences in a small target market.

Delivering on our Word

Engagements on Facebook

33 K

Reach on Facebook

450 K

Fan Growth

48 %

Sales Increase

10 %