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The Tomorrow Lab Presents Future Thinking

31st May 12:00pm

LIFE Centre, Bruce Street, Belfast

  • Matthew Kay
  • Emma Gribben
  • Erin Nixon
  • Melissa Boyle
  • Tim Monroe
  • Simon McIntyre

Digital is ever-changing. Whether it be updates to digital platforms, algorithms, search or new web developments, there is a need to constantly keep yourself and your business at the top of its game and in a position where it can continue to drive results for your business or clients.

Our speakers – from various discipline and industries - will be chatting through their experience of Future Thinking, taking us through a selection of areas where change is either already happening or is imminent.


  • Matthew Kay

    Matthew Kay

    Head of Operations at Aira Digital

    Matthew is currently Head of Operations at Aira – a UK based digital marketing agency specialising in SEO, PPC and content-driven digital PR campaigns. With over 10 years of industry experience, he has directed strategic digital projects for the likes of PwC, Nestlé, AXA, Volkswagen Financial Services & Costa Coffee.

    Talk: How businesses can take advantage of artificial intelligence, machine learning and automation

    Artificial intelligence, machine learning and automation are buzzwords right now. You can barely go a day without hearing at least one of them mentioned in the news. But how can businesses best take advantage of these concepts? Are they actually affordable to all businesses – not just the enterprise companies? During this talk, we’ll break down the evolution of big data, how machine learning and artificial intelligence are affecting us today, and what you can do to capitalise on this opportunity.

  • Emma Gribben

    Emma Gribben

    Digital Marketing Consultant and Google Garage Trainer



  • Erin Nixon

    Erin Nixon

    Global Digital Strategist at Baker McKenzie

    Erin is a senior marketing professional with proven experience in brand and digital account direction, digital project management and digital strategy. She leads the digital marketing strategy as part of the Global Marketing & Communications team at Baker McKenzie, one of the top law firms in the world, with 77 offices in 47 countries.

    Talk: Are you an imposter?

    In the fast-moving digital world, we can feel like frauds and that we aren’t quite ahead of the latest tactic or hot topic that we should know about. It can really negatively affect our approach and our ability to think strategically, and more generally our wellbeing. We constantly compare ourselves to others and feel like we are always running to catch up.

    Based on Imposter Syndrome and resilience, Erin’s talk will focus on why capable people feel like this, and how to deal with the negative (and untrue!) feelings attached to thinking we are an imposter in our own game, and that it is only a matter of time before we are found out.

  • Melissa Boyle

    Melissa Boyle

    Account Manager at The Tomorrow Lab



  • Tim Monroe

    Tim Monroe

    Marketing Director at Smiley Monroe

    An art school degree eventually led Tim, by accident, into 10 years as a freelancer in the film and tv industry, working with brands like the BBC and a ton of independent production companies. Then, having just finished ‘shooting’ the feature film The Queen’ in London, Paris and Scotland, and recently married, the family business called. This was never part of the plan, but since there really was no plan, Tim and his wife moved to NI from their beloved Glasgow to give it a go for a couple years. Just over 10 years later, this accidental marketer says he’s adjusted to having a job that lasts more than 3 months and luckily for him, it turned out that business does need creativity, design and a sense of humour.

    In a lucky escape, if it wasn’t for this marketing malarkey, Tim claims he might be working on Game of Thrones!

    Talk: Breaking New Ground – Unearthing a Giant Strategy

    As marketers within a fast-paced business environment, it’s easy to become reactive and eager to please your internal customers. This can cause us to lose sight of the bigger picture and distance ourselves from the core business objectives.

    Tim’s talk will focus on how faced with challenges and opportunity, Smiley Monroe developed a new approach which puts marketing at the heart of the business strategy. With expansion in the works, we’ll discover how Smiley Monroe are embracing digital to stay closer to their customers around the world.

  • Simon McIntyre

    Simon McIntyre

    Marketing Director at Total Mobile

    Simon is the Marketing Director at Totalmobile, a Belfast based software company that provides mobile working solutions to organisations across the UK and Ireland.

    With over 10 years’ experience across a number of marketing and communication roles, mostly in the software sector, Simon specialises in B2B demand generation and creating marketing strategies that demonstrate real return on investment.

    Talk: Making Marketing Matter

    How highly valued is marketing within your organisation? It’s a question that leads to frustration for many marketing professionals.

    By implementing a commercially focused marketing strategy, that demonstrates true return on investment, you can ensure you are evidencing the transformational impact that your efforts can have on your organisation.

    Simon’s talk will provide recommendations to help increase the understanding of marketing’s value, processes that help you align your efforts and digital tools that ensure you are measuring what you need to measure, while attributing success correctly.

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