#TTLPresents: Marketing that Matters in a Client’s World

As part of the #TTLPresents webinar series, our Head of Digital Strategy, Jess Orr, hosted a webinar focused on ‘Marketing that Matter’s in a Client’s World’.

Whether you tuned in or missed out, you can watch the webinar, check out the slide deck or read through our round-up below.

What do clients think?

Pre-COVID-19 we mulled over the ‘Up to the Light’ report in association with the Design Business Association, which outlined key insights from clients on their experiences in marketing and with agencies. The following stood out:

  • 64% of clients believe that their business environment is more pressured than 1-2 years ago
  • 71% of clients stated that they are unable to give as much consideration to longer-term brand building as they would like
  • 92% of clients believe their particular market to be dynamic & fast moving
  • 80% of clients believe that their organisation would benefit from a higher level of creativity

Although these insights are ‘pre-COVID-19’, many of these still ring true to recent and current circumstances. The same things are true today, if not more and may continue to be.

Our approach to digital strategy

The past few months have been a blur.

At the start of lockdown, there was uncertainty amongst some of our clients on how best to move forward with marketing plans. For some budgets were cut and teams were put on furlough.

The ‘slow down’ in activity didn’t last long, as many of our clients looked at how they best take advantage of digital channels as part of their marketing strategy. For some clients, we had to change our approach and pivot digital marketing tactics in respond to Coronavirus.

The term strategy is knocked around a fair bit. Strategy is focused on the future direction of a business, whilst adapting to change along the way.


Our digital strategy development and implementation process is inspired by the Double Diamond design process model, only our model is made up of 5 elements:

  1. Discover
  2. Define
  3. Develop
  4. Deliver
  5. Continuous optimisation

Our continuous, optimised approach to digital strategy has enabled us as an agency to respond to change in an agile way, including COVID-19, which sparked change for many.


Responding to COVID-19

Jess outlined how we responded to COVID-19 in partnership with our clients, including:

  • How we reacted to customer behaviour and needs in the early stages of panic buying in lockdown, the shift to more online shopping, increased popularity in e-learning and finding new ways to activating long-term brand building sports sponsorship campaigns
  • How we use data to spot trends (like the banana bread fad) and leveraging opportunities to maximise results informed by commercial objectives
  • How we have supported clients when budgets have been squeezed to streamline digital marketing activity for the most impact, whilst highlighting the importance of thinking ‘long-term’
  • As well as partnering with clients who are adopting digital channels for the first time or who wish to innovate in response to COVID-19 business development and traditional marketing barriers


View the webinar slides here:

Key Takeaways

  1. Understand your customer. Listen to them continually – it’s so important!
  2. If you work with agencies – you must see them as an extension of your ‘team’, to allow for effective partnerships.
  3. Commercial understanding is vital, in order to action an effective response swiftly.
  4. Stay ahead of the curve. Share insights with your internal teams and your partner agencies that may impact future decisions – this applies from senior management, down and from those on the ground, up – to encourage collaborative insight sharing.
  5. Be ready to adapt & innovate. Review and revise trust-building strategies on an ongoing basis. And Have the right people by your side to see those plans through.
  6. Find ways to strengthen brand loyalty in an ongoing crisis. Invest in long-term brand building & you will be rewarded.

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