#TTLPresents Social Media & Content Marketing

In today’s digital landscape where almost everyone is utilising content and social media, how exactly do we compete against so many other brands who are all trying to make an impact? How do we create those ‘thumb-stopping’ pieces of content that resonate with our audience? How do we achieve our commercial goals through digital marketing?

Our line-up shared the increasing need for authenticity in a content-driven world, to an audience who are better informed and more knowledgeable than ever. Storytelling, brand personality and brand values are being communicated more heavily, while content and influencer marketing are on the rise. More importance is being placed on growing a community of brand advocates and establishing credibility and brand personality through digital platforms rather than focusing on ‘likes.

If you missed out on the event, check out our round up of key takeaways from our speakers below.

Dave Linton – MadLug

A Story Cuts through the Clutter

“Help customers to be the hero of your story”

Dave kicked off our digital event with his emotive story of how MadLug was founded. He talked through his experience of building an award-winning bag brand using social media and authentic storytelling.

Madlug’s story began when Dave found out that many children in care must carry their life around in a bin bag, moving from one place to the next. He wanted to solve this problem and give these children their dignity back, founding MadLug and building the brand around the core principal that for every bag purchased, another is given to a child in care.

Madlug empower those who carry their product to communicate that they care and believe in young people in care at a time when many feel lost.

Using a brand name in an uncluttered space, as well as allowing his customers to be the heroes of Madlug’s story and spreading the word on social media, Dave has built a community of brand advocates as well as creating a space of opportunity and empowerment.

Steve Neill – The Foundation

Social media is an Extension of your brand story — A clear way to show off your company’s personality to the world

“Having a killer product alone won’t save you”

Steve has helped brands tell strategic stories that matter most for over 10 years. Using his experience of developing brand propositions that inspire people to buy into a business’ purpose,  Steve explained the importance of being consistent across all platforms, showing off your company’s personality and providing key tips on how to work towards being the ‘brand that you have always wanted to be.’

Stefan Evans – Social Chain

BAU is dead                                                                      

“Engagement is not an indicator of success”

‘Business as usual’ is no more. With the average daily time spent on social media at an all-time high, Stefan Evans from Global Marketing Agency, Social Chain kept us entertained throughout his talk, with facts on today’s content hungry world. He delved into trust and influencer marketing, why brands need to slow down and why engaged reach is key when looking at results. Stefan provided a great insight on how to be a ‘brand worth connecting with’ – leaving us contemplating what our next ‘purple cow’ idea could be!

Hannah Nelson – The Tomorrow Lab

Where Do Great Ideas Come From? 8 Tips on the Ideation Process

“If you haven’t set objectives, you aren’t ready to ideate”

Ideation sessions can often be a mix of ‘lightbulb moments’ vs ‘hitting a brick wall’. As an experienced digital marketer with a love for all things content, our very own Hannah explained her key learnings from The Tomorrow Lab’s ideation process; breaking down barriers to an ideation and how to stand out from competitors. Getting the right people in the room and doing your homework before the session are among some of her key learnings. Make sure to follow her top tips on how to up your creativity, develop campaigns with business objectives in mind and get your team ready for their next ideation session!

Jasmine Granton – Aira Digital

Media relations for link building 101: 6 steps towards outreach success

“Always think about the end user”

Link building is difficult, and no one is denying it. Getting from a campaign idea to links takes a lot of work. Jasmine talked us through her approach to outreach; being organised, finding your publisher audience and looking for reactive opportunities. She gave us valuable tips on how to write a pitch email to journalists that cuts through an oversaturated inbox, how not to ‘blanket’ everyone and importantly – how to make sure your press release doesn’t end up appearing on a ‘tweet of shame!’

Jasmine Granton – TTLP – Media relations for link building from The Tomorrow Lab

Gareth Dunlop – Fathom

Why the Problem with Content Marketing is still Content

“Stuff is important”

Friend of #TTLPresents, Gareth Dunlop gave an interesting insight into content marketing. The phrase ‘content is king’ gets thrown around a lot, but Gareth asks the question – is content really king?

Gareth explained the importance of creating relevant content that works for you and your brand, how to get narrow and clear on what your business’ unique selling points are within your content marketing to support commercial objectives.

Thanks again to all our attendees and keep your eyes peeled for details on our next event in 2020!