#TTLPresents Driving Digital Results

We kicked off our first #TTLPresents event of the year on May 16th at the LIFE Centre, focusing on the theme of Driving Digital Results.


Our varied line-up of speakers spoke about everything from having a brand purpose online to the impact of good user experience on SEO. Driving digital results can mean a lot of different things depending on the person or organisation but each speaker gave unique insight and practical tips on a part of the digital journey.

For those who weren’t able to make it, the blog below outlines the talks from our speakers along with their slide decks.


John McKee – Managing Director at Linkubator Ltd

Who am I?



“I know almost nothing about Digital”

John kicked off the digital event with a very ‘un-digital’ perspective. He may not be an expert in this area, however, he got us all thinking about how we are portrayed by others both online and offline. John used this as a parallel for how you should communicate your brand online and all importantly drive results.


Simon Worthington – Founder of Turf & Grain

Coming to terms with Digital



“People are searching for authenticity’

Simon’s popular magazine, Turf & Grain showcases stories, experiences and ideas from across the Island of Ireland. Although it wasn’t intended to make a digital impact, Simon found a community of fans developed online and it became essential for him to have a presence here. He has been able to translate the style of the printed magazine, online to his website – ensuring people get a feel for the product wherever they see it.


Barry Adams – Founder of Polemic Digital

Google and User Experience – How Improved UX can help your SEO



“Good User Experience is about removing barriers”

SEO genius and friend of The Tomorrow Lab, Barry Adams kept the audience entertained while sharing his advice on how improving your User Experience can help your SEO. Barry (heavily) reinforced the best practices that can make a user’s journey that bit more pleasant on your website – which left everyone questioning – “is he talking about my website?”


Donal O’Neill – Account Executive, AIKEN

Put relationships back into your digital results



“It’s all about relationships”

In an ever-changing PR landscape, Donal has become used to translating traditional tactics into those that would drive results digitally. Donal explored how a successful digital campaign is built upon context, content and most importantly, relationships using a powerful example of Electric Ireland’s GAA This Is Major sponsorship campaign.


Sarah Shimmons – European Smirnoff Marketing Manager at Diageo

The Power of Purpose



“The closer you can align the product truth with the communities you serve, the more authentic your brand.”

Sarah Shimmons gave an inspirational talk around how brands can be a force for positive change and result in driving digital results. Sarah inspired the audience by telling her experience with Smirnoff and their ‘We’re Open’ campaign. The brand partnered up with the LGBT Foundation charity to start a campaign to protect the LGBT Community among London nightlife. She encouraged brands to not simply jump on the bandwagon but to seek purpose that is relevant and tangible to their organisation.


Oskar Persson – Senior Brand Manager , Danone Early Life Nutrition

Lessons from The Parents of Digitally Evolving Brands



“We are digital people but there is nothing more dangerous in marketing than saying: TV is dead and digital advertising is useless- both are very effective when done right.”

Oskar began his talk with an emotive story relating to the experience of becoming a Dad for the first time and how he realised it provided gaps for content within Danone’s digital strategy. He explained how Danone seed their digital content via Paid, Owned and Earned and what he has learned from each. The audience got to hear Oskar’s tips and advice for creating great content and how he works collaboratively with The Tomorrow Lab ourselves on brands like Aptamil and C&G.


Thank you to everyone who came along to the event and we hope to see you at our next event in September.