#TTLPresents Creative Engagement

The Tomorrow Lab Presents: Creative Engagement – Round-Up

Our final #TTLPresents Event of 2018 kicked off at the Life Centre on 27th September with a focus on the idea of Creative Engagement.

Our amazing selection of speakers spoke about everything from connecting with your fans on social media to using data to aid your creative ad campaigns. In an industry that can sometimes be criticised for being fake or dishonest, it was refreshing to hear so many speakers talk about making authentic connections, creating unbelievable content and being human in a digital environment.

Thanks to everyone who came along and make sure to see if you can spot yourself in the event photo album on our Facebook page.

If you couldn’t make it this time, we have a brief summary of each of the talks below along with the speakers’ slide decks. We hope to see you at our next event!

Sheree Atcheson – Board-appointed Global Ambassador at Women Who Code
Dealing with Unexpected Responsibility

“Embrace it. Listen. Adapt. Be uncomfortable. Be transparent. Care.”

Sheree Atcheson kicked off the event with an emotive talk that highlighted how to deal with unexpected responsibility. Sheree inspired the audience to embrace responsibility even when you think you may not be the obvious choice of a leader. An inspiring talk that left everyone with food for thought on how we all have the ability to make an impact and amplify those around us.

Matthew Thompson – Founder, Best of Belfast
Deep not wide: The journey to 1000 super-fans

“Social media is useless unless you make an impact.”

Matthew is the founder of the successful Best of Belfast podcast that shares the stories of local Northern Irish legends. He talked us through what creative engagement means to him on social media. His Toy Story analogies took us on a journey to 1000 super-fans. Matthew stressed the importance of going deep not wide and creating content that your super fans want – not just churning out your content to get something out there, in order to capture true engagement.

Alan Davison – Brand Strategy Director, The Foundation
The mark of brilliant. Communication strategies built on a great idea!

“Hard Graft. Luck. Drink. = Great Idea”

Alan’s experience and clear passion for branding fuelled his talk on building communication strategies through a good idea. Lots of fantastic tips (some which involved a glass of wine) on using wit to build a brand. Alan took us through his thought process for some of the brands he’s been involved in building and also shared some of the ones he wished he had been a part of.

You can check out the fantastic brands, our sister agency The Foundation have built over the years on their website – https://wearethefoundation.co.uk/

Helena Langdon – Head of Digital & Communities, Innocent Drinks
How to talk to people on the internet: Keeping it human in the digital age

“If you’re 70% sure, go for it!”

Innocent are synonymous with their witty yet incredibly simple approach to social media. Helena had us in stitches sharing examples of her teams social media content and describing how she gets inspiration for some of the weird and wonderful things Innocent have been responsible for, including #DogsatPollingStations and the wonders of #PenguinAwarenessDay. “If you’re 70% sure, go for it” has been Innocent’s policy, when it comes to creative ideas in their marketing – that has given them the wiggle room to be bold and brave and learn from their mistakes.

Michael Morris – Founder, The Bearded Candle Makers
Authentic engagement on Instagram

“Creating an authentic following on Instagram is all about telling a story.”

Michael’s talk only reinforced the idea of getting animals involved with your social media strategy! With the help of his adorable dog Teddy, Michael has propelled the Bearded Candle Makers business and gains many of his sales and collaborations through the stories and content he shares on Instagram. He is able to share the candle making process along with other snippets from his life that have allowed him to make real connections with his loyal fans and customers.

Sophie Smith – Senior Digital Marketing Specialist, The Tomorrow Lab
Creative data: How to leverage analytics to create innovative ad campaigns

“Focus on the one metric that matters most to you”

Our very own Sophie was the final speaker of the day and she blew everyone away with her genuine passion for pie charts! Sophie gave practical tips on using insights and analytics to develop strategic creative digital campaigns. She left us petrified at the thought of ‘data-puking’ (excessive reporting on metrics that aren’t a priority to your business).

Her top tip for anyone beginning to look at data was to find the one metric that matters most to your business and use that as your main focus, whether it be through Google Analytics, Google AdWords or on social media insights. Practical advice we can get behind!

If you wish to talk to us about how we can support you in your digital marketing, please get in touch.

Thanks again to all of our attendees and please keep your eyes peeled for details on our next event in 2019.