#TTLPresents Talks Digital

The Tomorrow Lab Presents: All Things Digital – Round-Up

Our first #TTLPresents Event of the year kicked off at the Life Centre on 22nd February with a focus on all things digital. We had some great speakers who gave us an insight into working in a digital capacity in a variety of sectors.

Thanks to everyone who came along and make sure to see if you can spot yourself in the event photo album on our Facebook page.

Grainne Glenny – Traditional PR in a Digital World

Grainne Glenny used her experience in the PR world to debunk the stereotypes surrounding the area and explain how PR has been moulded for a digital landscape.

We went back to basics as Grainne talked us through the PESO model and how she was able to apply this to Digital PR. Using the highly successful Bushmills Black Bush #answerthecall Campaign as an example of an excellently orchestrated PR campaign that gained fantastic coverage.


Emma Hunt – The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: Practical Legal Tips to Avoid the Bad and the Ugly

Emma Hunt from Mils Selig took us through the good, the bad and the ugly of social media. She touched on the generation of ‘smartphone zombies’ who are glued to their screen but also mentioned the benefits of social media at improving the customer’s experience and increasing brand loyalty.

The legal ramifications of misusing social media were particularly interesting as we were surprised to hear that even if you share or retweet something that someone else has said, you can be liable for defamation. Emma’s main piece of advice was to urge businesses big or small to get an effective social media policy.


Petra Wolsey – Adventures in Hospitality Marketing

Next up was Petra Wolsey who gave her very honest account of her journey in Hospitality Marketing with the Beannchor Group. Filled with anecdotes and can’t quite believe it moments Petra showed us what stunts paid off and how they used the unexpected to their advantage.

Petra had the audience laughing and amazed at her look back on memorable moments throughout the years from the launch of The Merchant’s Water Menu that got global engagement to the Dirty Onion’s Santa Paws Event where people queued for hours to get a photo of their pooch with Santa Claus.


Claire McKeever – Master your Content like a Jedi

‘Content is king, it has the capacity to inspire and move people.’

Our very own Claire McKeever shared her Jedi wisdom on creating content for different clients. Claire took us through the research and ideation (fancy word for brainstorm) of content right through to putting your pen to paper or fingers to keys. Tools like Tecmark and Buzzsumo were demonstrated to show how they can help you sharpen your writing and SEO skills to craft the best possible content.

John McKee – Building Sales Relationships in a Digital World

Chief Executive of Linkubator, John McKee filled us in on how his business fits the digital landscape. John emphasised the importance of maintaining a good relationship with your customer’s and to replicate human interaction digitally.

John took us through how you can help your customer through digital means by blogs and webinars, creating content they need to know.

If people like you, they’ll listen to you.​ But if they trust you, they’ll do business with you.​” Zig Zigla


Carolyn Henderson – Brand Building through Creating Content and Influencer Relations

Bellamienta tanning products have grown strength on strength from their launch in 2015. Carolyn Henderson walked us through how the brand has focused on developing great content and excellent influencer relationships.

Carolyn explained how Bellamienta reach their target audience through a mix of campaign content, influencer content and positive quotes to reach out to them and secure the tanning brand’s position.