Interested in being part of the first cohort of marketing professionals being trained under Colab?

Andi Jarvis, previously Senior Account Manager at The Tomorrow Lab and with 10 years’ marketing experience under his belt, will be leading Colab – a strategic development programme, training course and support network for marketers.

What exactly is Colab?

Colab combines all the knowledge, skill and technical experience developed at The Tomorrow Lab into a programme that can be shared with marketers in Northern Ireland.

The programme will train marketing representatives in how to use an academically developed and business-tested marketing strategy using the 7Cs, a framework The Tomorrow Lab has used across a wide range of industries and companies to help focus their marketing on business growth. It is a process that will provide a solid structure, yet is flexible enough to adapt to any specific business needs.

The one-year programme will include the following:

  • 10 monthly ½ day workshops;
  • Support for tactical issues from industry experts;
  • Quarterly review and feedback;
  • Free access to #TTLPresents events for up to three staff (events normally cost £35 per person) – click here for an example event.
  • A dedicated Account Manager
  • Community portal
  • Best practice peer to peer support for your business


To find out more visit

Apply for Colab by filling out an application form here or get in touch with Andi directly at if you have any specific questions.