#TTLPresents – Social Media for Business Round-Up

Social Media Event Belfast - The Tomorrow Lab

Thanks Everyone

Thanks again to everyone who attended our ‘sell out’ event last week, The Tomorrow Lab Presents – Social Media for Business at the Oh Yeah Music Centre in Belfast’s Cathedral Quarter.

We had a full house, lots of selfies and copious amounts of pizza was consumed. We hope you all enjoyed the event and were able to take away some action points for your business’ social media marketing strategy.

‘Brands say Bae’

First up, we had Matthew from Tigi Professional Hair Care at Unilever talking about the intimacy and sincerity on Twitter for brands, both big and small. We particularly enjoyed his ‘what is bae?’ debate, more importantly we still in the office can’t agree on how you even say ‘bae’!

Matthew also reiterated the fact that not all your fans and followers on social are relevant, with only 1 in 6 of the recent Tigi Twitter followers he outlined being relevant to the brand’s target audience on social media.

The importance of optimising your social media content for particular channels was also brought up, using Magnum’s ‘Lunch Date’ Twitter and Instagram post as a prime example. Where Instagram obtained almost 500 times more engagements.

Matthew highlighted that tone of voice is essential and should be authentic and conversational to encourage engagement and brand love, like Kia UK and Arena Flowers. One of our favourite quotes of the day ‘Authenticity isn’t just proactive, it’s reactive’, something that Oreo are great at, particularly in their response to the blackout at the Superbowl in 2013.

You can check out Matthew’s slides from our event below.

Leveraging LinkedIn for Business

Next up we had Kerry man Aengus Fitzgerald from LinkedIn chatting to us about how you can leverage LinkedIn for business.

Aengus informed us it is LinkedIn’s vision to ‘create an economic opportunity for every member of the global workforce’, through an economic graph, which essentially maps out every global connection between opportunities, skills, companies, education, people and professional knowledge, essentially enabling the world’s professionals to connect with one another. 

This would mean:

  • A digital profile for every member of the global workforce (all 3 Billion of them)
  • A digital profile for every company in the world
  • A digital representation of every available job offered by these companies
  • A digital representation of every skill required to obtain these jobs and give you access to search these skills
  • A presence for every higher educational institution, learning and development tool that would enable members to obtain those skills

This vision essentially drives their mission to ‘Connect the world’s professionals to make them more productive and successful’.

 LinkedIn has approximately 400 Million members globally, over  200,000 in Belfast and the platform obtains approximately 2 new members every second.

As far as members are concerned Aengus explained how LinkedIn is a great platform to connect with your professional network, keep informed on professional and industry news and build your career. LinkedIn is a great platform for companies to have a presence on social media, particularly B2B, hence why there are 4 million active company profiles.  There are four types of LinkedIn user, although some of these users may cross-over: those who use it to hire, to market, to sell and for work.

You can view Aengus’ slides below.

Here are some LinkedIn Personal Profile Top Tips.

Facebook Fails & Instagram Tales

I took front and centre to tell all our lovely attendees a little on how they can better optimise their social media content, their Facebook Page and clued them in on some intriguing Instagram tales and updates. I could go on forever about what I spoke about on this blog, but I think I will leave it for an upcoming series of blogs…so watch out! But for now I will summarise.

Social Media Content

        1. Tone of voice in social media post copy
        2. ‘Jab, Jab, Hook’ content mantra and the importance of not going for the hard sell
        3. Creating killer content,  generating ideas and why you should be relative
        4. Why distribution is queen and the need to help people find your content through amplification
        5. Why video content should always be considered


Facebook Fails

Facebook is an important platform for businesses as it allows them to connect with their target market. Facebook have 1.59 billion active monthly users and 30 million businesses have a Facebook page. Facebook also drives content discovery and web traffic, 1 billion searches occur on Facebook every day and according to Shareoholic, Facebook alone drives 25% of web traffic – these are hard stats for any business to ignore.

I discussed the following Facebook Fails and how you as a business can improve on them.

  1. Not optimising your Page
  2. Not planning your content and ads ahead of time
  3. Not encouraging page reviews and how they can impact upon ‘Facebook Professional Services’
  4. Not promoting your content, as algorithm changes continuously kill organic reach and engagement
  5. Not being reactive to trends and events
  6. Not utilising Facebook insights to get a better understanding of metrics and what content works for your business

Instagram Tales

People come to Instagram to be inspired and discover things they care about, including content from businesses. Instagram has overtaken Twitter as the second biggest social network, as 80 million photos are shared every day and they receive 3.5 billion likes daily. Interestingly 60% of Instagrammers say they learn about products and services on Instagram and 75% say they take action after being inspired by a post. Hence why Instagram should be a platform that businesses should consider when developing their social media strategy and offering.

I talked about the following Instagram Tales and how you can use them for your business.

        1. How Instagram allows you to express your business visually, tell a story and increase brand value
        2. Effectiveness and availability of Instagram ads
        3. The power of the Instagram hashtag and how you should use it
        4. Shop on Instagram
        5. Account switching now available to all

The slides from my talk are available below and I will follow up with a series of blog posts going into these topics in more detail…I promise. 

We even got trending in Belfast!

Big thanks to everyone who got involved with the event digitally, especially on Twitter.

Our Next Event…

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