Microsoft is introducing a new browser to the market

Microsoft has announced that it will be launching its very own Internet Explorer killer to launch alongside Windows 10. Project Spartan as it was called internally is a new slimmed-down browser designed for the modern web.

The Microsoft Edge browser itself is a sort of Google Chrome look-a-like with minimalist user interface, but is designed to have some interesting functionality. It will be able to remove styling to provide a view for easy reading, putting the content front and centre. It will also allow users to add notes directly on top of websites and share them with friends. Edge will also integrate with Microsoft’s personal assistant Cortana to provide voice control and personalisation.

It will also use a newer version of Microsoft’s Trident rendering engine called EdgeHTML but will have access to the legacy rendering engine used in Internet Explorer 11 and earlier as well but in a limited fashion. Tests by AnandTech have so far shown Edge to equal Google Chrome in terms of JavaScript performance. Although Internet Explorer has traditionally been the browser that breaks websites recently it has gotten on the standards compliant wagon. Edge will likely to follow the same course in sticking to W3C’s web standards.

Initial usage of Edge itself will depend very much on the speed of update of Windows 10 and Windows 10 for mobile. Microsoft have said it will not be available for older versions of its operating system. Users on older versions of Windows will get a free upgrade to Windows 10.

Needless to say at The Tomorrow Lab we’ll be keeping an eye on how well the browser does displaying sites.