Moving Documentation from MediaWiki to Microsoft OneNote

Over the past while we have been transferring our documentation from an internal Wikimedia site onto Microsoft’s OneNote.

The main reason for the moves was our decision to move from Google Apps to Microsoft Office 365 which came with the most recent version of Microsoft OneNote and promised a more straightforward way for the team to share information in the office. Another reason for the move was the increasing disorganisation of the Wiki. While the freedom to edit and collaboration makes Wikipedia fairly organised, this didn’t translate to our small team.

Our new team workbook in OneNote has been designed from the ground up to make it as straight forward as possible to organise our notes and documentation as possible. It separates out the client side documentation from our own server side configuration and also give us space to collaborate when it comes to deciding who’s turn it is to write the blog!

OneNote can help to simplify the documentation and sharing of information around a team. It especially works for smaller teams, but can be used to bring together multiple teams to get everyone focused on the same tasks.

  • OneNote is easy to open, edit and close. It works best when as little formatting and layout are used so editors don’t spend their time choosing fonts and styles.
  • It is super easy to organise, pages and sub pages can be dragged and dropped between sections and transferred between work books. OneNote also allows pages to be exported as PDFs or as emails for sharing.
  • Microsoft’s OneNote comes packed with templates for many use cases including note taking itself, planners, task lists, priority lists. These can be used to save time.
  • It can be stored offline and synchronised with devices, quick access to information on site is easy.
  • Page histories mean each edit and update can be monitored and any errors can be easily reverted.

Don’t expect OneNote to do away with the rest of the office suite. Word, Excel and PowerPoint still have their place and will be better suited for customer facing documents, spread sheets and presentations.

From our prospective getting the first stage has been getting support and development on board, the next stage will be to push it out to the rest of the team.