Video: An introduction to categories in Magento

This video tutorial is an introduction to categories in Magento. We’ll be showing you how to add a new category, position it in the navigation structure, add products and turn on layered navigation.


Hello, I’m Keith with The Tomorrow Lab in Belfast.

Today we’re going to look at how to add a new category to our Magento store.

The first thing we have to do is log into Magento, and we’re going to navigate to Catalog, Manage Categories. Once that loads up you’ll see on the left hand side our list of categories currently on the website, and these will match what are displayed in the main navigation of our site. On our website they display across the top.

So currently on our sale category we have four sub categories listed, and we’re going to add a new one called Accessories.

So in our admin panel we click on Sale and click on Add Subcategory. Add a name, set Is Active to Yes which enables it, and at the bottom of the page we make sure that Include in Navigation is set to Yes, which it is.

Click on Save Category, and if we navigate to our frontend we can refresh the page and it will appear in our submenu.

The next stage is to add products. In the admin area click on to the new category and click on to the Category Products tab. That’s empty, so on our dropdown on the left hand side we chose No, and that means that the list it displays will be products that aren’t currently in the category.

Click search and all the products will be listed. We’re going to search for one product, and to include it we click on the checkbox and hit Save.

Go back to our website, refresh. The products are then listed.

At the minute the left hand navigation is empty. To turn that on we have to go into the Display Settings tab and change Is Anchor to Yes.

Save Category and that will add our layered navigation.

And finally, we can change the order of the submenu by dragging and dropping it in the navigation tree to where we want it to appear. Refresh and that’ll appear at the top of the menu.

And that’s it. Hopefully you found the video useful.

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