Case Study – How an effective content marketing strategy drives online success

Here at The Tomorrow Lab, one of the core aspects of any digital marketing strategy that we recommend to clients, is the importance of content marketing. Content marketing has become a bit of a buzzword in recent years, with digital marketers recognising and appreciating the importance of fresh, relevant content for websites.

We work with many clients across a wide range of industries to ensure their content strategy is implemented correctly, and many of these clients have enjoyed great online wins in recent years, none more so than Digital Printing launched a new website in August 2013, with no online brand presence and no authority in the highly competitive online print industry. The challenge had been well and truly set, and it was a challenge we were looking forward to.

Creating a content marketing strategy for

The first steps we took to develop a content marketing strategy for Digital Printing, was to carry out detailed research of their industry including keyword research, competitor analysis, defining their goals and objectives and looking at who their audience would be and identifying key channels and tactics for engaging this audience online.

Following a detailed analysis phase, we identified 3 main product areas to target for building the online visibility of the brand. These three areas would become the main focus and driver of the content plan which would follow. Working with the team at Digital Printing, we identified two main goals that needed to be achieved in the first 12 months. These were:

  • SEO – dramatically grow the visibility of in search results
  • Conversions – achieve a conversion rate from organic search in excess of 2.5%

We attached realistic metrics to these goals, but in an industry as competitive as the online print space, and with a brand presence that was zero at the launch of the new site, we were going to have to hit the ground running with our content marketing.

With the initial research done for Digital Printing, it was time to start planning and implementing our strategy. The strategy included 4 main focus areas:

  1. On-site optimisation – making sure the website was fully indexable and relevant for the targeted keywords
  2. Content publishing – regular high quality content published on the Digital Printing blog
  3. Social media – building brand awareness through social media activity
  4. Thought leadership – sharing knowledge and content from with relevant influencers in the online print space

The Digital Printing content marketing strategy

Due to the competitiveness of the online printing space, we put a heavy focus on regular blog activity for Digital Printing. This meant a 4 – 5 blog articles per week to ensure regular content was being shared both on the blog, but also the various social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+).

This was always going to be a long term approach as the website would take time to develop a presence across the various search engines. While the initial on-site optimisation ensured an initial boost to the visibility of the website in SERPs, if Digital Printing decided to stop here, and not implement a content marketing strategy, their online traffic would have stagnated at this initial level. The decision to invest time in a detailed content strategy ensured that regular, relevant content was being created around some key search terms, ultimately helping improve the visibility of the website as shown below.

In the 8 months from the launch of, online traffic to the site has grown by 222%, but it is organic traffic that has really prospered, with visitors from organic traffic increasing by 792% from 400 visitors to over 3700 a month:

Digital Printing organic search growth - The Tomorrow Lab

The graph above shows the website’s organic search traffic growth, highlighting the impact that a long term vision to content marketing can have on a website. Unlike PPC advertising, SEO takes time, and if you are prepared to invest in time, you will reap the rewards for your website in the long run.

We can see from the above graph that traffic levels were increasing slightly in the first few months, as the website started to gain some visibility in search engines. We can see a slight dip in January and this is where most companies will give up, but persistence pays off, and we can see that the continuous content marketing approach has resulted in enormous traffic gains for, and this is something that doesn’t just stop with traffic.

At the end of the day, it all comes down to revenue when working with clients, and the increase in organic visitors through the content marketing strategy, resulted in the following:

  • 8-fold increase in revenue from organic search
  • Number of  transactions from organic search doubled every 2 months
  • Increase in conversion rate of 74% from 1.44% to 2.50%

The following graph highlights the increase in revenue from organic traffic as a result of the implementation of a detailed content marketing strategy. As previously mentioned, an SEO and content marketing approach can take time, but if you are prepared to put in the time, you will get the rewards.

Digital Printing revenue growth - The Tomorrow Lab

The success of the content marketing strategy for

Successful content marketing takes time, but it also requires effective planning to ensure your content is relative to your target audience, but also informative. This will help in your long term efforts when it comes to ranking in search engines for your target keywords. The planning of content and daily promotion of articles on the Digital Printing blog, has played a big role in increasing the visibility of the website in recent months, as we can see below in the increase of pageviews from the blog and blog articles.

Digital Printing blog growth - The Tomorrow Lab

The success of the blog is down to the content that is being shared. These articles have the target audience in mind first and foremost, and provide information that customers want to find out.

One article in particular that has caught the eye in recent months is one that provides tips to designing a roll up banner stand. Of all blog articles in the past 3 months (January – March), this article has 35% of total views and has really helped improve the online visibility of Digital Printing, as shown below. A search for “design roll up banner” ranks Digital Printing (thanks to the article) 1st on, while a search for “designing banner stands” ranks Digital Printing 2nd. This really highlights the impact an effective content strategy can have in improving the online visibility of websites, even in a competitive industry like the online print industry.

design roll up banner

designing banner stands

Key results from this content marketing strategy

The content strategy for Digital Printing was implemented in late August, and 8 months in they are enjoying some great results from this content-centric approach to their digital marketing. The content strategy has helped improve their online visibility, increase revenue and ultimately increase awareness around Digital Printing and their products. The main results from the first 8 months of the content strategy are:

  • Visitors from organic traffic increased from 400 to 3700+ per month
  • Transactions from organic traffic doubled every two months
  • Revenue from organic traffic increased 8-fold
  • Conversion rate from organic traffic increased 74% from 1.44% to 2.5%
  • Average organic visitor is spending almost 4 minutes on the site
  • Top 10 ranking on for 5 targeted keywords including 1st for “digital printing UK” and 2nd for “Digital Printing” (behind wikipedia)

The main objectives at the start of this project was to increase online visibility and achieve a conversion rate of 2.5%. Eight months into the digital marketing project these objectives have been achieved, well ahead of schedule. This highlights the impact of creating and implementing an effective and well planned digital marketing strategy.

If you would like a chat about your own digital marketing strategy, and how a content focused approach can help improve your websites online visibility, get in touch with our expert team today to see what we can do.