At a glance

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This is no easy task; we start by taking a look at the purpose of the site, the long and short term goals, the intended audiences and the overall user requirements. We determine the organisational structure, ranging from hierarchical, narrow and deep, tag based etc. From this, we work to create an outline of the site, considering global and local navigation. We undertake wireframe design – looking at the sites navigation and creating a set structure for this, focusing on page relationships and navigation.

We look at the exact information, links, content, promotional space and interface elements that will be on every page. We also look at utility pages – these appear in the header or footer of the website, e.g. About Us, Contact Us etc and uncover the best place for these very important pages. Once this is all is place, we take on the opinion of the most important person – the user. User testing via card sorting, cognitive walkthroughs, contextual task analyses analysis, and usability testing will allow us to evaluate the effectiveness of the information architecture task and decide on the best way forward from here.