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Image of an email marketing campaign
We've performed email marketing campaigns for Northern Ireland's largest companies

There are various elements to email marketing – all of which The Tomorrow Lab will cover. We begin with email design, our in house specialist team will create an email design that will look great on any screen – a desktop, phone, tablet or TV. Then we move into content, choosing the right language and phrasing to ensure you don’t end up in spam is one of our specialities. We’re creative linguists, we will work to ensure your content is engaging, delivers your message and directs traffic wherever you need it to go. We’ll combine creative flair with our flawless technical knowledge and produce email templates with content that communicate effectively for your brand and your business. But that’s just half the job – then there’s the analysis. Knowing how effective your email campaign was is vital information, and you’ll need to engage with this. We’ll evaluate open rates and click-through rates and figure out what was good, what was bad, and where you can go from there. If you’d like to avail of our template designs alone – that’s no problem, we’re happy to help. Or, if it’s just great content you need, we’ll supply that too. If it’s our data driven knowledge and expertise you’re after – that’s no problem either. We also offer email marketing management solutions – taking the entire task out of your hands and into The Tomorrow Lab, making your life easier and your email marketing efforts better.