Andi Jarvis

Ryan Kilfedder

Senior Web Manager

I’m a PHP web software developer of almost ten years experience. I have also dabbled in Android, Windows and Windows phone development in my career. I enjoy a challenge; learning how to develop with different technologies. I have a list of “things I should learn” that is as long as your arm. Every developer should!

As Senior Web Manager, I hope to ensure that all the work we produce is of the highest quality from a software engineering standpoint. This means doing two things. One is writing good web software, and the other is creating systems and processes to help all our developers and designers achieve the same goal.

You will find me tweeting irrelevancies @ryankilf. I also attend local PHP meet-up PHPBelfast regularly and speak the odd time as well.

Recent posts

Reacting to problems

In June I attended the Lead Developer Conference in London, one talk which particularly grabbed me, was given by Nickolas Means.

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