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Nial Toner

Head of Digital Marketing

My beginnings with Digital Marketing started when Bebo (remember that?) was in its prime, I was a student studying Marketing at Ulster University and the online marketing revolution was really kicking off.  YouTube and Google Adwords were really just beginning, and Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Snapchat were all just an idea of Zuckerburg and co, but I knew my career was in this exciting, ever-changing industry.

Digital marketing was my calling in life and I could not wait to get stuck in…and that’s exactly what I do here at The Tomorrow Lab.  From day to day I manage the digital marketing team to deliver digital marketing solutions to clients across a wide range of industries – from floor tiles and pathology to food and travel, I’ve worked on many interesting projects with the team.  With digital marketing, there is no one size fits all approach.  We strip everything back to basics and identify the problem, working with the client to find the solution using our five step ASTAR process.

Working with the team, I research ways to correlate content and craft digital marketing strategies for our clients, delivering award winning results in the process. I get stuck into content that works; content that is for humans, not just a search engine! I specialise in crafting high quality content marketing campaigns driven by data, and work with the team to connect businesses with their customers online through a range of digital marketing solutions ranging from SEO, content and paid, to social and email marketing (yes email still works guys).

When I’m not working on client projects, you can find me talking about food and sharing my travel stories with my wife Helen on or ranting about football, Liverpool FC or sport in general on Twitter (@nialtoner). I also enjoy playing football and from time to time I can be found on the golf course, usually shouting fore!

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