Andi Jarvis

Andi Jarvis

Senior Account Manager

I joined The Tomorrow Lab in 2014 as a Senior Account Manager and after spending 10 years working in marketing for Durham County Cricket Club, Newcastle College and UTV (amongst various others), I decided to transfer these skills to the agency world in 2011.

My role now is less account management and much more focused on developing strategies for clients. I lead the 7Cs workshops with clients that form the Audit part of our digital marketing process, then work with the team to develop the strategy.

I also get involved with keynote speaking, training and infrequently contribute to our blog. Originally from England, I moved to Northern Ireland in 2009 and haven’t managed to escape yet.  I hold a MSc in Marketing from Ulster University, to go with the BSc (Hons) I hold in Sport Marketing from Northumbria University.

When I’m not working you can find me watching all things sport, tweeting @andijarvis, posting on LinkedIn, writing for Irish Tech News and using my barbecue on any day it isn’t raining.

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