Bedeck bedding was founded in 1952 as a provider of luxury bed linens. Since then it has grown to a leading UK manufacturer and distributor of luxury bedding, with multiple brick & mortar stores. In 2011 we were asked to design, develop, and market a new ecommerce website for

The Brief:

The new website was launched in August 2011, aimed specifically at generating substantial online sales of the various brands of luxury bedding distributed by Bedeck.

Initially the focus of the project was on ensuring branded search – search queries specifically aimed at the branded products sold by – was successfully transitioned from the previous website to the new one, in October 2011 a new SEO project was started to grow the traffic and revenue from generic non-branded organic search.

Bedeck website

Bedeck Bedding's homepage


  • Increase online visibility for Bedeck Bedding
  • Increase traffic from organic search traffic from UK search engines, specifically for high value and high volume generic non-branded keywords

The results so far


increase in non-branded organic search traffic to website


increase in revenue from non-branded organic search traffic to website


increase in conversion rate of traffic from non-branded organic search


generic keywords ranking in top 10 of

27 places

average increase of generic keyword rankings

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