The inaugural Belfast JS (JavaScript) event took place last night (June 27th, 2012), very kindly provided by Farset Labs. A brief introduction into what Farset Labs are about: They have only been up and running for approximately 3 months and describe themselves as a ‘tech-geek playground’.

Cool Geekery at Farset Labs

Those of you that have been to networking events in and around Belfast (or perhaps further afield), such as Belfast Ruby or Refresh Belfast, would be familiar with turning up, meeting friends and expecting someone to get up and talk, in front of whoever would be mad enough to brave the apocalyptic weather conditions of that particular evening.

Belfast JS is different in that it’s better described as a panel of JavaScript whiz-kids (some more whiz than kids, and vice versa). You could have counted those that turned up, myself and Toby included, on two hands.

The aim of the meet up? To introduce, discuss, show and tell… whatever comes to mind when JavaScript is involved.

Nice intro to BDD using Mocha/Sinon/Chai by @peteyhawkins and some interesting work-in-progess stuff from @carisenda at @belfastjs
- @stevebiscuit

A helpful tip when attending such events as this, where you may not necessarily know many names or faces from the Twitter handles bestowed upon them, make sure and have a pen/pencil and paper to take notes, take names to familiarise yourself and possibly something like a simple table layout like this…:
BelfastJS Attendees

Belfast JS plans to run on the fourth Wednesday of every month at Farset Labs, with tea, coffee and bottled water provided (donations encouraged) with a vision to create, deploy, indulge and enjoy in the wonderful minds of Belfast’s Web Development community.

Twitter: @belfastjs
Google Group: Belfast JS