If you’re active in search engine optimisation the last couple of months have been interesting, to say the least. Google has ramped up its fight against web spam, and one update after another is being unleashed on Google’s search results in their ongoing efforts to demote low quality websites and promote high quality sites to the top of their search results.

From changes in anchor text interpretation to over-optimisation penalties and ‘bad links’ warnings, Google seems to be firing off SERP updates at a machine gun pace. Their latest update is specifically targeted at web spam, and it seems to have wreaked a considerable amount of havoc in many sites’ rankings on Google.

Here at Pierce Communications we haven’t seen anything happen to our client sites aside from the expected ongoing improvements that our SEO campaigns are intended to achieve. And that is, of course, entirely expected, as we do SEO the right way.

With all our SEO projects, our focus is firmly on quality. Quality of the client website’s technical foundation, quality of the content and information architecture, and quality of the links we generate for these sites.

And because quality is the cornerstone of our SEO activities, we’re not particularly worried about Google’s almost daily updates. We know that what we do delivers value and that Google’s penalties are aimed at those who don’t.

Our tactics are not miracle cures that achieve top rankings overnight. It takes time and effort to do SEO properly, and we deliver long term value through improved search engine rankings, increased relevant traffic from all forms of organic search (web search, shopping results, image search, news, videos, etc), and more conversions on the client website.

So while SEOs who prefer risky shortcuts over sustainable best practices are scrambling to try and salvage what they can, it’s pretty much business as usual here in the Pierce Communications offices.

If you want to have a chat with our seasoned SEO pros about what we can do for you, don’t hesitate to get in touch.